Vision Movies - Using Technology to Imagine Your Dreams

Vision Movies are similar to Vision Boards but the movies take the idea up a couple notches. How are they alike? They both use appealing, meaningful images and inspirational phrases.

Movies add music and movement to your images and have a way of making your vision come to life. For people who have trouble creating vision boards or doing visualization this can be a powerful tool.

Vision movies actively engage your visual and auditory senses. They may cause more of an emotional response to the images and music than you get with other techniques. You want to feel the emotions of living your dreams so this is good.

Another advantage of creating a movie is that you can take it with you wherever you go. You can keep it on your laptop, put it on a CD or download it to your iPod. You can share them on YouTube or email them to friends. So they’re very portable as opposed to a poster-sized vision board that stays at home.

If you enjoy playing with technology this may be a good tool for you. It will take a little bit of time to learn how to put one together, and you still need to collect images. This time you’ll need digital images, directly from your camera, downloaded from the web or scanned.

You also need music to go with your images. Similar to finding images that appeal to you, your music accompaniment also needs to be the kind of music that evokes a positive emotional response. If you love music this won’t be a hardship and can be a magical aspect because of this dimension.

I have not personally created a Vision Movie (yet). At first I thought it was a great idea and wanted to try it. But because I spend so much time working on my computer I’m more inclined to turn in off when I’m not working and take out my scissors and glue instead. Physical cutting and pasting is pleasurable for me. So the technology aspect has put me off this for now but not forever.

There are examples of Vision Movies on YouTube if you’re wondering what these are like and haven’t seen them already. I’ve looked at a few and thought they were quite powerful.

Someone sent me some very generic Vision Movies a few months ago. The intent from the sender was that anyone could watch these movies and manifest their dreams. I tried watching them for a few days but soon realized that the images weren’t meaningful to me and the music wasn’t right for me either.

If you’re interested in this tool you can do an internet search on “Vision Movies”. There’s advice on software and how to go about making one. One website that had good instructions if you’re using a PC (not a Mac) is

I’d love to see your movie if you make one – and I’d consider featuring it on this page if you’d like to share.

Good luck!

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