Descriptive Life Vision – Write the Story of Your Dreams

A descriptive life vision uses words to describe your ideal life as if it has already happened. To help make it real you'll use a story technique as if you are describing your life to someone else.

If you are changing careers to do work you love or starting a business, these key areas are a big part of your life. So you will write your life vision to make sure that you are considering the outcome not just for your career change or your business, but how you imagine it will impact your life.

As with any kind of vision, clarity is key. If you have a clear life vision it will motivate you to focus on this vision and to take actions toward making it happen.

Here's a simple 3-step process, followed by a set of questions to inspire your imagination:

Step 1. Make a list of all the things that you absolutely know you want to be part of your ideal life vision. For example, if you want to "work from home" or want a "flexible schedule" put those things on your list.

Step 2. If there are things in your current reality that you want to change or eliminate in your ideal life vision, make a list of things you don’t want (the long commute, negative stress, long working hours, clueless boss, etc.). Beside each item re-state it as the positive outcome you desire (work from home, set my own hours, am my own boss).

Step 3. Take all the things from steps 1 & 2 and put it into paragraph form, as if you are telling a story. State everything in the present tense as if it has already happened ("I work from my home office", "My home office has large windows and a beautiful view into the garden"). Imagine that you are telling a story to someone, state everything in a positive way, in the present tense, and be as descriptive as possible. Have fun with it - it's just your imagination!

Remember: a clear vision yields clear results.

You can’t make a mistake about your dreams. The important thing to take the time to think about what you consider ideal today and work with it until you feel like it captures your ideal life vision. You can always change it later if you change your mind.

Below are some things to spark your imagination and get started on your descriptive life vision:

Where do you imagine doing “your work”? In the country, in a city, all around the globe? Are you in an office, in a house, in an art studio, in a garden, in a barn, in front of a large audience?

Are you surrounded by windows, walls, bookshelves, tools, trees, animals, or people? Are you sitting at a desk, standing in front of an audience, kneeling in a garden, climbing a ladder or rappelling down a cliff?

If you are working inside and have windows, what do you see when you look out the window? If you are outside when you work, do you see buildings, trees, animals or sky? Is it day or night? What do you hear?

What time do you wake up each day? What do you do when you get out of bed? Do you start working, have some coffee, get some exercise, or meditate?

Do you work every day of the week or just some days? What will you do on your days off? Are you a night owl and prefer working into the wee hours of the morning? How many hours a day will you work? Will you work 12 months a year, or will you work 6 months a year and spend the other 6 months traveling the world? Are you traveling by train, plane, automobile or RV? Will you work while you’re traveling?

Are you working with a computer, a piano, a vocalist, a paintbrush, or a tractor? What are you wearing? Jeans, overalls, an apron, a welding mask, or your pajamas?

Who is with you? Will you collaborate with other people in your work? Will you have employees? Will you work alone?

In your imagination, who is buying your product or service? Is your customer male, female or both? Young, old or somewhere in the middle? Active or a couch potato?

Who do you spend your time with when you’re not working? Who would you like to spend time with that you don’t have time for right now?

What's next?

Once you’re done with your descriptive Vision, you can convert it into a Vision Board, a Vision Movie, or use it as is for your regular Visualization sessions.

Good luck!

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